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Knitting Through the Seasons

Recently, I’ve been using this worksheet to track my crochet progress through the months. Every month I would choose a project (or several) I would work on during that month and then I would check off a box every day that I actually worked on my chosen project. This worked out great. With that reminder in my Hobby binder I actually crocheted a lot more than if I didn’t have it. I just hated to see those empty boxes so I crocheted for at least 15 minutes every day (depending on what my goal that month was – sometimes my goal would be to crochet for a certain amount of time and sometimes to crochet several rows for my project).

However, once I started knitting regularly, I couldn’t find a similar worksheet so I made some for myself. But, since I would get bored with just the same worksheet every month, I chose to make 4 different worksheets. While the worksheets are not really representative of the seasons, I called them that because I intend to use each one three times during a year. Here are pictures of my worksheets. If anyone is interested, contact me through the Contact form here on my website and I’ll send the pdf file to your e-mail.