Hearts and Flowers doily

Pattern: Hearts and Flowers doily
Difficulty: Moderately hard
Thread: Unitas Mirabela
Color: White and Pink
Status: WIP


  • March 12, 2014 – This is supposed to be a set of two doilies which I’m making as a gift for Easter. So far it’s going well. I made all of the flowers for the first doily, I’ve started the center in pink and then I continued on with white. I’m almost at the point of attaching flowers and then I intend to do the border in white instead of green.
  • April 2, 2014 – The first doily is finished, except for the border. I’ll do that after I finish the second doily. I also finished all the flowers for the second doily and I started doing it’s center.
  • June 18 – I didn’t manage to finish it by Easter so I stopped working on it. I get a few stitches done whenever I’m bored but it’s mostly on hold. I intend to finish it by the end of the year if not summer!

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